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Our address:

Vindornyalak - Öreghegy (12 km from Kehidakustány)

Phone number:
+36 83 534 503, +36 83 534 501


Should you have any question or request, you can send us an e-mail directly via the form below:

How to get to us:

Vindornyalak is located in Zala county, 200 km from Budapest. From Keszthely you need to head towards Zalaszántó, and then it’s only a couple of kilometers until Vindornyalak. The way to the apartment flats is well indicated in the village.

No need to get scared, the houses are on the grape hill behind the village, so you have to make 2 kilometers on a gravel road leading up to the grape hill.

If you approach from Hévíz or Kehidakustány, it is better to come via Vindornyaszőlős. You have to take a turn towards the grape hill when you reach the middle of the village. A sign helps you find your way here too. From this point, it is only 3.5 kilometers and you made it!

Our apartment houses
Apartments on the Öreghegy