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Apartment houses on the Öreghegy

Vindornyalak is located in Zala county, in the Keszthely-Hévíz region, in the Vindornya basin, 200 km (124 mi) far from Budapest, between Sümeg and Keszthely. The charming village has real values.

Vindornyalak – Öreghegy
12 km from Kehidakustány

The roads leads from Kehidakustány through Vindornyaszőlős to Vindornyalak. The way to the Öreghegy apartment houses is well indicated on the village signs.

A place,
where the parents can get to know country life together with their children. Isolated from the rushing world, here we have time for each other, and can spend our free time happily in nature.
An environment,
where businessmen can run away from tense and stressful everydays. An ideal environment to relax, to recharge the batteries – where the concept of free time acquires new meanings.
A landscape,
where retired couples can relive the beautiful memories of their youth and get the feel of the countryside.