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Apartment houses on the Öreghegy

All of the houses in Öreghegy alloy the country life atmosphere and the modern elegance. The valley is surrounded by hills; the view is magic during the day and also at sunset.

On the terrace of the houses an intimate atmosphere for rest is made by wood-tables and benches. Our guests can enjoy the wonderful countryside during a chat, having a snack, or drinking wine. The surroundings are decorated by vine arbours, wild flowers and leafy fruit-trees. In pens near the houses live animals: guinea fowls, ducks, rabbits, cattles, Hungarian racka sheeps, komondors (Hungarian sheepdogs).

The countryside is idyllic, calm; here everybody finds a great satisfaction.

The apartments call country peasant houses to our mind by windows with shutters, wood-beams, antiques, búbos kemence (large earthenware oven shaped like a rick), paintings.

The kitchens are well-equipped for every housewife: the comfort is provided for the guests by gas cooker, toaster, water-boiling, fridge, in some houses built-in washing-machine, dish-washer.

Underfloor heating works in the bathroom in winter.

Vindornyalak is an ideal place for the family with children; the kids can get to know the animals, their customs and behaviour.

Our apartment houses
Apartments on the Öreghegy